Monday, March 1, 2010

Queensland Motel Scandal

February 23,2010 two lovers were found bathing in their own blood in one of a room
in Queensland motel in Pasay city.based on the statement of policeman
Leo Labrador the girl were found in bed bathing in blood but the girl
were still alive and rush to the hospital, and when they return in the crime seen
they found the other victim the guy inside a comfort room wearing shirt and socks
with no underwear and with a tie of nylon cord at his hand and the guy were already dead.

Based on the report the that lover check in in that Motel for 6 hours stay starting 4am,
and before their time ends the front desk ask them if they are going to check out or extend?
and they ask to extend them for 7 hours more.

and at 3pm as there time ends the front desk call them again to check out but theres
no answer so the room boy check them knock on the door but no answer
so he open the door using a spear key there
he saw the crime and report to his manager what had happened

And Police arrived after the report incident. The victims aged 25(boy) and 19 Girl
the Quensland Motel has 160 rooms with 3 securities the questions here was how
do that guys pass their security and the motel has no cctv camera.


Anonymous said...

katakot nag punta panaman kami don

leevogue said...

nag check in din kayo? di ka kasangkot? jaja

Anonymous said...

i'm scared dun ko kinakantot si estela garcia one hot mama rapsaaa napapasigaw sa saraap

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