Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Talk N Text Network Problem

I love Texting maybe I'm sending hundreds of messages a day to all of my textmates and friends
but sometimes your day will be ruin when there's a network problem like your text wont sent.
and you need to try sending it again until a sent messages pop out.

I am using a Talk N Text simcard on one of my mobile phone. and that mobile receives a lot of text messages
everyday. I am just wondering sometimes actually not sometimes actually because it already happened with me many times. it was like this I'm still registered to unlimited text and my load does expired yet and i also still have my extra load credit with me, and when i try to send a message it says check operator services. i tried it again and the same message pop out on screen. i tried sending it to other number and still i get the same results. but during the day maybe after six o clock n the morning  messaging was working well already, that's the one thing i experienced with Talk N Text network service  i don't know if you experienced the same problem as mine?  anyway i hope i will not experienced that problem again but i don't know because i experienced it many times already.

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